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Who is Adios Radon?

Eastern Iowa’s Radon Mitigation Specialists

Adios was started by Roy Wier. Roy also operates Vigilant Home Inspections. Vigilant has been performing radon testing, home inspections, sewer scopes, mold testing, etc. in Eastern Iowa since 2015.

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Some of our most frequently asked questions.

Radon is an invisible, tasteless and odorless gas in the soil. It can be found in any style, age and size of home, with any type of foundation. 

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US after smoking.

Cost will vary depending on the difficulty and time involved in the project. A newer home with an existing “passive” radon system will be significantly faster and simpler to mitigate aka “activate” than an older home with no pipe already in place to use for the mitigation system. 

Additional variables that impact the difficulty of the project include:

  • Foundation type (stone, block, concrete/slab, basement/crawlspace)
  • Homes with more than one foundation type (basement + crawlspace, etc)
  • Soil type (it’s more difficult to suck gas out of clay than it is to suck gas out of gravel)

Drive time can become a factor if the home is more than a 45min drive from Tiffin.

Estimates are free of charge within 45 miles of Tiffin, IA.

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What’s the Process?

Test For Radon

Have your home or business tested for radon. Visit Vigilant Home Inspections to learn more and schedule a test.

Schedule Consultation

If your radon levels exceed the EPA recommended levels, schedule a radon mitigation consultation.

Radon Mitigation

Our certified team will develop a plan and install a radon mitigation system to reduce your radon levels.

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